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The symbols in our school:

The belonging to our school is served by our different symbols, some of which are passed on from generation to generation. However, some of them are relatively new.

- Our school flag fulfils a symbolic role at school and town celebrations. The ribbon tied on the flag at our school leavers’ ceremony by symbolizes the continuity between the old and new generations. The school flag also represents our school at different town ceremonies.

- The “Petőfi ribbon” is attached to every school leaver symbolizing their reaching maturity and displays that they are proud seniors of our school. Its colours (golden numbers showing the years when they started and finished their studies in our school on red and white) express both youthful dynamism and purity.

- The “Petőfi badge” with similar colours and features as the ribbon, represents the belonging to our school, especially at town ceremonies. Our students are given this badge when they begin their studies in our school.

- School uniforms are made for girls and consist of black skirt and tie and white blouse. Wearing the uniform is compulsory at school ceremonies including the school leavers’ parade. Similarly, boys are required to wear black trousers and a white shirt with a tie.

- On the initiative of the student council a “Petőfi” T-shirt has been made. The emblem adorning the white T-shirt has been designed by the students themselves.

Traditional school programmes

School ceremonies, commemorations and other programmes are all means of expressing attachment to both our nation and our town and school. When students organize a programme together, it helps them to develop teamwork their sense of belonging to a community.
Through these activities our traditional school ceremonies are integral part of our educational programme.

a) National Festivals (23 October, 15 March)

Tenth-graders are responsible for organizing school ceremonies commemorating these festivals. 

b) School Ceremonies (school opening, school leavers’ ball and farewell, closing etc.)

Attendance and school uniform (festive attire) at these ceremonies are compulsory.
The secondary students’ traditional farewell to their alma mater is not only a school ceremony but also a town ceremony.
Eleventh-graders are responsible for organizing the school leavers’ ball and farewell.

c) Commemorations:

- 6 October: –One class in the 10th grade organizes a commemoration of the 13 of October martyrs, which is broadcasted on the school radio.

- 25 February: – commemorating the victims of the communist dictatorship.  The commemoration is held following the decrees given by the MoE.

- 16 April: - commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. The commemoration is held following the decrees given by the MoE.

d) Traditional school celebrations – in chronological order:

- Initiation Party for 9th graders.
- Autumn Ball organized by the 11th graders
- Christmas celebration organized by our students
- Parent-teacher ball involving the school board and the parents’ committee
- School Day organized by the student council
- Spring Ball organized by the 11th graders

e) Petőfi Poetry Reciting Town Competition, which is organized every second year by our Hungarian Language and Literature Department. Both Primary and Secondary School Students can from the whole town can enter this competition.

f) The National meeting of the secondary schools carrying the name of Sándor Petőfi is organized every year under the auspices of the National Petőfi Society. As our institute is integral part of this society cultivating Petőfi’s mentality and cultural greatness, our school represents itself at these national meetings.

g) A town competition in the memory of Beke Manó (a famous Hungarian mathematician) for secondary school students is organized by the Maths Department of our school.



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